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Lazarus MD Solutions

For years, Dr. Stephen Lazarus has provided high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade skin care products to his patients. While these nationally recognized brands benefit good skin health in many ways, Dr. Lazarus decided to customize his own skin care line. Lazarus MD Solutions offers products which meet the specific needs of his plastic surgery patients.

With patient and staff input, Dr. Lazarus considered what should be the essential elements of Lazarus MD Solutions. Universal effectiveness of the products was the top priority, but also ease of use and friendlier price points. In many cases, he found that one Lazarus MD Solutions product could serve the purposes of two or more national brand products, providing savings in time and expense to patients.

Achieving healthy, beautiful skin regardless of your age is the goal of Lazarus MD Solutions. Specialized combinations of ingredients and product regimens recommended by the professionals of Lazarus MD Solutions promote anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.


We also carry selected products in the following skincare product lines for purchase at our Knoxville, Tennessee, office:

Obagi® System Skin Care Products




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