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Botox vs. Dysport

Many do not want to face the reality of growing older—and even more do not want their wrinkles giving away their age. This is exactly why so many people look for methods and treatments to help smooth out wrinkles on the face.

For a long time, when a patient would say, “I need a treatment to get rid of wrinkles and look younger,” Botox was the only option that came to mind. This is not the case anymore! In 2009, the FDA approved a new wrinkle-reducing injection, Dysport.

Botox vs. Dysport

The Similarities Between Botox and Dysport

Ultimately, both products work by blocking signals from nerves to muscles. By doing this, the muscles in the face that cause frown lines are relaxed, preventing them from creating more wrinkles. Both treatments are FDA-approved, safe to use throughout the body, and require maintenance every three to six months. Overall, the results of Botox and Dysport are fairly similar.

Botox vs. Dysport: Which Should I Choose?

While some similarities exist in the Botox vs. Dysport comparison, there are also some characteristics that differentiate the two fillers. An experienced aesthetician can identify these differences, choosing the right injectable to help meet the patient’s specific needs.

One factor of choosing between Botox and Dysport is the size of the injection area. Botox is known for staying where it has been injected, while Dysport diffuses more. So, if someone wanted a larger area such as their forehead or armpit injected, they might prefer Dysport because it would take fewer injections to treat the entire area. On the contrary, a specialist may use Botox to smooth wrinkles between the eyebrows, as this a smaller treatment area.

In addition to the difference in treatment areas, the composition of these injectables differs as well. Dysport is a smaller-sized molecule, making its measurement different from Botox. Dysport is also believed to have an onset of two to five days compared to Botox’s four to seven days. In the grand scheme of a few months, this makes little to no difference. 

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