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Dr. Stephen Lazarus’ Top Plastic Surgery Procedures for 2019

At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Associates, we strive to help you meet your unique beauty goals, and that includes offering the most popular plastic surgery procedures! Discover which plastic surgery procedures can give you the results you want in the new year. 

Improve Your Nose Size and Shape with Rhinoplasty

There are many reasons you may want to consider a cosmetic nose reshaping procedure, such as imperfections caused by genetics or injury. Because your nose is a prominent facial feature, the size and shape could affect your confidence level. That’s why the experienced staff at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Associates offers rhinoplasty, a popular and common procedure to help adjust your nose to an ideal shape.

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Rhinoplasty can improve many aspects of your nose, such as correcting the size and adjusting the shape of your bridge, tip and nostrils. During your consultation, Dr. Lazarus will work with you to carefully create a detailed plan to address your specific goals and expectations. 

Otoplasty for Your Ideal Ear Shape

Another prominent feature is your ears and, like your nose, they can have an impact on your confidence if they don’t fit your expectations. Protruding or uneven ears often caused by genetics is one of the common reasons Dr. Lazarus offers otoplasty, a corrective surgery to adjust the size and shape of your ears. 

The otoplasty procedure involves making a small incision behind the ear, sculpting the exposed cartilage to your desired shape and preserving that shape with permanent stitches. The procedure typically takes approximately two to three hours, depending on the patient’s goals. 

Achieve a Slimmer Figure with Abdominoplasty

One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures is abdominoplasty, which is also known as a tummy tuck. The procedure involves removing excess fat around the lower and middle abdominal area, creating a flatter, tighter abdomen that can help boost your confidence. Abdominoplasty can be used to help patients tighten loose muscles post-pregnancy or after large fluctuations in weight. Patients who are interested in abdominoplasty often also receive liposuction to help remove any stubborn fat that they struggle to eliminate with diet and exercise. 

The procedure itself lasts two to four hours, depending on the patient, and patients may experience swelling and mild discomfort for a few days post-surgery. Full recovery typically takes approximately four to six weeks. 

While there is great precision involved with abdominoplasty to attain minimal scarring, the procedure produces a permanent scar depending on the amount of surgery necessary and the expertise of the surgeon. Dr. Lazarus has been performing abdominoplasty in the Knoxville area since 1983 and strives to provide patients with the safest and highest quality results. 

Blepharoplasty Eliminates Sagging Eyelids

Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, is a cosmetic procedure that involves removing sagging or excess skin around the eyes. As we age, our skin tends to sag and stretch naturally, but this can make some look more worn-out than they actually feel. Blepharoplasty helps eliminate that tired look while also taking years off your appearance!

Blepharoplasty| Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Associates

Dr. Lazarus has been performing eyelid surgery for 35 years, and he and his experienced staff are ready to help you meet your beauty goals. His expertise allows him to remove excess skin and fat around the upper/lower eye area with a precise incision made along the natural crease of the eyelids—so there is no noticeable scarring. The procedure can last one to three hours, depending on the patient, with full recovery in up to two weeks. Blepharoplasty is expected to continue to grow in popularity because of the long-term results it provides.​

Top Plastic Surgery Procedures in Knoxville, Tennessee

If you’re interested in a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Associates can help you achieve your ideal appearance for 2019! Dr. Lazarus and his team will work with you to carefully create a customized treatment plan that will give you the confidence you desire. Contact us at 865.588.1662 to schedule your consultation today!

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