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Beyond Botox: How A Range of Injectables Can Improve Your Appearance

You’ve probably heard of BOTOX and have a basic understanding of how it can help you appear younger and more relaxed. But did you know that there are several injectable fillers on the market, each serving a different purpose? From reducing wrinkles to stimulating collagen production, these cosmetic treatments can do wonders for your appearance.

Injectables in Knoxville, Tennessee

What Can Injectables Do for My Skin?

The great thing about injectables is that you can use multiple fillers to improve different areas of your face. The type of filler you choose depends on the results you want to see.

Reduce Lines and Wrinkles

Frown lines and worry lines between the eyebrows occur naturally with age. As you get older, your skin’s elasticity decreases, making lines or wrinkles more visible. To smooth out and improve these lines, you may want to give Dysport™ or the classic BOTOX® a try. Both injectables provide results for up to three to four months.

Add Volume and Smooth Creases

If you’re unhappy with the size or shape of your lips, injectables can help! Lip volume can be attained with a filler, while providing natural-looking results. Injectables can also improve wrinkles and creases near the mouth and nose, which occur over time as a result of natural facial expressions. For lip enhancement and the smoothing of creases and wrinkles, try Juvéderm® XC or Restylane® Silk.

Stimulate Collagen Production

The production of collagen is another function that slows down with age. A lack of collagen can cause your skin to become less elastic and let lines and wrinkles show much easier. If you’re looking to restore lost collagen and stimulate production, Sculptra® Aesthetic can help. This injectable utilizes poly-L-lactic acid, which naturally triggers the production of new collagen.

What are injectable fillers?

Injectables at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Associates

If you’re seeking injectable treatment options in the Knoxville, Tennessee area, APSA can help! All injectables are administered personally by Dr. Stephen M. Lazarus, who has been performing these procedures for over 20 years. Dr. Lazarus is also recognized as one of the leading Sculptra Aesthetic experts in the region!

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