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How to Achieve Smoother, Tighter Skin

As we age, it becomes a challenge to maintain the smooth, tight skin we had in our youth. The decrease of collagen and elastin produced causes skin to sag, thin and lose its healthy appearance. Luckily, there are ways to reverse these effects of aging!

skin tightening laser

Laser Skin Tightening

As intimidating as skin tightening may sound, the procedure is simple, comfortable and does not require recovery time!

Laser energy is targeted to the treatment area(s) of your choice, heating collagen under the surface of your skin and triggering its production. As the target area is heated, the skin contracts, immediately reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Associates, we trust the GentleYAG® system for our skin tightening treatments. This minimally-invasive procedure will help you see more firm skin and improved contours over the months following treatment. As collagen production is stimulated, loose skin, stretch marks and even scarring improve over time. For optimal results, it is recommended to have three to six treatments, each one month apart.

Facelift and Necklift Surgery

Another effective form of skin tightening is facelift surgery. While this plastic surgery procedure is more complex than a skin tightening laser, its results are incredible and last for years. Excess skin and fat deposits are eliminated, facial and neck muscles are tightened and deep lines and creases are less noticeable. Each surgical procedure is unique and customized to your goals and appearance.

Facelifts are ideal for an overall anti-aging makeover, but if you desire a minimally invasive procedure that results in new collagen production, a laser skin tightening treatment may still be a great choice for you. Talk to Dr. Lazarus at your initial consultation about which cosmetic treatment options you can combine to achieve your desired appearance.

Achieve Tight, Younger-Looking Skin

facelift surgery

Are you a candidate for facelift surgery or laser skin tightening? Both treatments, either on their own or combined, can help shed years off your appearance. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Lazarus and staff, call us at 865.588.1662. Plus, check our promotions page often for exclusive deals on our cosmetic services!

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