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How to Achieve Younger-Looking Skin

Looking young is something most women desire—so what’s the secret? The specialists at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Associates have a few tips on how to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful.

How to Achieve Younger-Looking Skin

1. Stick to a Consistent Skin Care Routine

When it comes to skin care, your day to day routine shouldn’t be flexible. Missing one small step could throw off the normal balance of your skin, causing rashes or breakouts! Make sure you stick to the basics of cleansing and moisturizing.

Don’t forget to remove all of your makeup before bed and throw on SPF before leaving in the morning! You can also start utilizing anti-aging products, which we offer in-office if you’re interested. If you keep up with a solid skin care routine, you can prevent future issues and the signs of aging, while maintaining younger-looking skin.

2. Cut Out Excessive Drinking and Smoking

Yes, your social lifestyle does affect your skin. If you’re someone who enjoys going out for drinks a few times a week, you may want to cut back. Alcohol causes dehydration, which can result in your skin losing its fresh and healthy appearance.

This is also true if you’re a smoker or exposed to secondhand smoke! Cigarettes smoke contains several toxins that reduce blood flow and the nutrients your body needs. As a result of smoking or being exposed to secondhand smoke, your skin could become dry, discolored and even struggle to repair any form of skin damage. Smoking has also been said to cause puffiness under the eyes and premature wrinkles, preventing you from having younger-looking skin.

3. Start Hitting the Gym

Being active affects not only your weight and heart health, but your skin quality too. By staying in shape, you not only improve your overall health, but increase blood flow as well. What happens when you have healthy circulation and blood flow? Your skin looks great!

Exercising also decreases stress, which can show on your face. Stress can cause dark circles, acne and flushed skin. Over time, those frowns and other facial expressions you make when you’re having a rough day can cause fine lines and wrinkles, too.

4. Get an Injectable Makeover

Aging is inevitable, and sometimes there’s not much you can do to prevent it from affecting your skin. If you aren’t happy with your appearance and want younger-looking skin, we’ve got a great treatment option! At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Associates, we offer a range of injectables customized for different areas of the face. Talk with one of our specialists to discuss the goals you have in mind, and we can recommend which treatments will work best for you.

Injectable Makeover

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