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What Are Sublative and Sublime?

Struggling with skin imperfections like wrinkles and scarring? Don’t let them affect your confidence! Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Associates offers both Sublative® skin rejuvenation and Sublime™ treatments, which can help improve your skin’s texture with a non-invasive laser procedure.

Sublative and Sublime work deep within the skin to treat wrinkles and skin imperfections. Wondering which treatment is right for your skin? Take a look at the differences between the two treatments and how they can help improve your skin’s texture.

Sublative® Rejuvenation

Sublative skin rejuvenation uses non-invasive laser technology that works to reduce mild to moderate wrinkles, as well as acne scars. This treatment uses fractioned bi-polar radio frequency energy to treat problems deep within the skin.

Sublative treatment sessions take less than an hour and work on virtually all skin types. Best results are achieved over a series of four to six treatments, each scheduled around four to six weeks apart. Unlike other skin treatments, Sublative works deep within the skin, stimulating collagen production, helping heal your skin from the inside out.

This minimally invasive and effective treatment requires little downtime after treatment, as it doesn’t affect the top layer of the skin. Instead, the bi-polar radio frequencies work below the skin’s surface without damaging the visible skin. 

Sublative Treatment | APSA

Sublime™ Treatment

Sublime treatments are also designed to improve your skin’s condition. They work to tighten the skin, promoting new collagen production in the dermis layer of the skin. Sublime uses bi-polar radio frequency, combined with light energies, for a non-invasive deep-skin treatment. 

This treatment is known for its ability to treat fine lines, improve facial contours and tighten skin. Working against the effects of age and gravity, Sublime treatments work gradually for a natural improvement of your skin. A series of treatments over the course of a few months will help you to see the best results.

This gentle treatment requires little downtown after the procedure and is safe for most skin types. A post-procedure cooling treatment provides enhanced safety and comfort. 

Sublime Treatment | APSA

What’s the Difference?

Sublative is best for those looking to reduce wrinkles and scarring, while Sublime is designed for those who want to tighten sagging skin. These skin concerns often go hand-in-hand, so combining the treatments can often help you to see maximum results. 

Both treatments target problems deep within the skin, helping to produce new collagen from within. Because these procedures are both laser-based, they typically require little recovery and downtime. 

Sublative and Sublime both require a series of treatments for the best results. Most patients see gradual and cumulative results throughout their treatment series. Each patient’s custom plan will determine the frequency and number of treatments needed for maximum results.  

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