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What’s the Most Gentle Hair Removal Method?

Hair removal is a tedious part of everyone’s grooming routine—especially if you experience more hair growth than others. While you’re probably set on your preferred method for eliminating unwanted hair, you may be missing out on a better option.

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Shaving and waxing are the most popular ways of removing hair, but no matter how much you keep up with your routine, overall hair growth is not reduced. And not only does your hair continue to grow no matter how frequently you shave or wax, but these methods can be extremely uncomfortable. Shaving can result in cuts, ingrown hairs and razor burn/bumps, while waxing is just a painful experience—especially for those with sensitive skin.

It’s time to trade these old-school methods for laser hair removal—the gentle way to permanently reduce hair growth!

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

During a treatment, the hair reduction laser delivers a controlled amount of therapeutic heat to the treatment area, penetrating deep into the skin tissue and damaging hair follicles. By damaging the targeted hair follicles, their growth is prevented, resulting in a reduction of hair—and the methods you use to eliminate it. But don’t worry, while your hair follicles are being “damaged,” the surrounding treatment area is left unharmed.

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At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Associates, we use the GentleYAG® laser for Gentle Hair Removal™—addressing small to large areas on all skin types. This laser also comes equipped with a special Dynamic Cooling Device™, delivering a cool burst of cryogen (a safe, low-temperature substance) to the skin to reduce any discomfort during treatment. This feature is what makes laser hair reduction the most comfortable solution!

Hair Reduction Treatments in Knoxville, Tennessee

As hair follicles will be in different growth stages during each treatment, more than one session is necessary to effectively reduce future hair growth.

Before a hair reduction session, you should make sure the treatment area(s) are freshly shaved and free of products such as cream, lotion or makeup. Waxing, plucking and bleaching should be avoided for a minimum of two weeks before treatment as well.

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