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4 Things You Might Not Know About Liposuction

Most people hear the word liposuction and are familiar with what the procedure is. Existing for decades, this method of fat reduction has helped patients achieve a slimmer figure with a single operation! This body contouring surgery is as effective as it sounds, but before you consider, make sure you know all the facts. The specialists at APSA are here to share a few things you may not have known about liposuction.

1. Liposuction Is Not an Alternative to Weight Loss

While this plastic surgery procedure can remove unwanted fat from almost any area of the body, liposuction is only performed on patients who are in good health and near a normal body weight. A combination of a clean diet and regular exercise are the only way to become healthy, so it is important that patients don’t depend on liposuction to do the work for them. If you are currently in good health but struggle to lose excess fat, this surgery may be the right choice for you!

2. Diet and Exercise Are Still Important After Surgery

Now that your surgery has been performed, you can sit back and relax—to an extent! It’s important to continue your healthy routine once you’ve healed from the procedure. If you let your good habits slip, you may not get the most out of your liposuction results! A healthy diet and regular exercise can help you maintain your slim, contoured figure.

3. You Are Not Confined to Bed After the Procedure

The amount of downtime a procedure needs can sometimes turn a patient away from it. While you’d think that a surgery like liposuction would result in weeks of bedrest, the reality is quite the opposite! In fact, most doctors will suggest that you get moving as soon as possible. Light activity, such as walking, can help prevent blood clots after your surgery—and even speed up the healing process! Most patients can even return to work and resume exercising a few days after the procedure. 

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Be sure to consult with your doctor, as they may give you a different timeline depending on your conditions.

4. Seeing Your Desired Results Takes Time

After a liposuction procedure, it is normal to experience swelling. That said, don’t worry if you aren’t seeing the results you expected right away! Be sure to follow your doctor’s orders so that you can heal safely and efficiently. Also, pay attention to how your body is healing, as well as how you are feeling, so that you can immediately address any complications.


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