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Top Ways to Maintain Healthy, Radiant Skin

If your skin care routine is lacking, or you’re noticing dullness, wrinkles or blemishes, fear not! Skin health is important, and our skin is constantly changing, so it’s necessary to address those changes and put a skin care routine in place. Let our tips for healthy skin guide you on your journey to learning the best ways to achieve radiant and healthy skin!

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Hydrating Your Body

Drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your skin. As you go through your day, your body gradually loses water. The cells that make up your skin require water to stay hydrated and healthy. Becoming dehydrated can lead to dried, flaky skin that is prone to peeling. You should be drinking water to keep your organs functioning properly—and this includes your skin!

A Well-Balanced Diet

Overall, you want to be your healthiest self, and this includes proper nutrition. What you eat can have an effect on your skin’s health, too, just as it does your overall health. Antioxidants found in fresh produce are thought to help with anti-aging and reduce inflammation within the body. 

Along with produce, lean meats such as fish are a good choice for gaining collagen, a protein that exists in the connective tissue that helps your body create your hair, skin and nails. The more collagen your body produces, the better elasticity your skin may have. Collagen is thought to be vital in giving your skin that bounce-back effect. 

Additionally, there are certain foods that are high in sugar and carbs can cause inflammation within the body, which could lead to acne. When thinking of the best ways to care for your skin, you should include what you eat just as much as what product you use! 

Protecting Your Skin

One of your skin’s biggest enemies is the sun. UV rays can penetrate your epidermal layer of skin, leading to skin damage, wrinkles, loss in elasticity and, in the worst cases, cancer. 

It is important for your skin’s health to put on sunscreen every day to prevent these problems. Your skin is the largest organ you have; you want to protect it! Looking for an effective product? Lazarus MD Solutions offers Sheer and Clear SPF50+ to protect your skin from UVA/UVB rays.

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What are the Best Skin Care Products to Use

Your diet and water intake are important factors, but one of the best tips for healthy skin is to have a skin care routine. Did you know a proper skin care routine is one step you can take to combat wrinkles? So, where do you start? 

Dr. Lazarus is proud to offer two introductory skin care kits that you can use to kick off your daily routine. The Resurrection Kit and the Resurrection Kit Plus both include brightening and conditioning products, with the latter containing products for more corrective needs. 

Another important part of your skin care routine involves actually cleansing your skin. Lazarus MD Solutions offers many facial cleansers like the AHA+ Face and Body Cleanser, a mild exfoliant to reveal smooth, clean skin. This can be followed up with the AHA+ Facial Cream to continue dead skin cell removal. Another product perfect for nourishing and smoothing skin to accompany your cleanser and cream is the Cellular Resurrection Facial Cream. This cream works while you sleep or throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated and calmed. These products can be combined in a personalized treatment plan with other Lazarus MD Solutions items for a fantastic result!

Want to Learn More About the Best Skin Care Products?

Dr. Lazarus created Lazarus MD Solutions skin care products to give his patients a cost-effective way to get clearer, youthful and healthier skin. Contact Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Associates at 865.588.1662 for more information on Lazarus MD Solutions and other skin care treatment options! Plus, be sure to follow Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Associates on Facebook for the latest specials and promotions.

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