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Your Guide to Rhinoplasty

It’s common to feel insecure about the size, shape or angle of your nose—but fortunately, rhinoplasty can help address these insecurities. As one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, rhinoplasty can help you achieve the nose that you want!

What is Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic reshaping procedure that reshapes your nose to provide you with a nose you’ll feel confident with. The nose plays a significant role in your appearance, so it’s natural to work toward one that will give you the overall look you desire.

The procedure can address a number of issues, including:

  • Reducing the size of the nose
  • Changing the shape of the bridge or tip
  • Narrowing the nostrils
  • Changing the way the nose is angled

Rhinoplasty | APSA

Is Rhinoplasty the Right Choice?

Imperfections of the nose can be caused by genetics or injury, but either way, rhinoplasty can give you a nose you’ll feel confident in. The changing appearance of your nose can have a substantial effect on your overall look, and as a relatively common procedure, the experts at APSA are confident it can give you the results you want. 

Preparing for Rhinoplasty 

Rhinoplasty is an intricate procedure. Your consultation prior to the surgery will help ensure your satisfaction. Dr. Lazarus and the expert staff at APSA will review your goals for the procedure and build a plan to help you reach them. You’ll also review before and after photos of satisfied patients.

Each surgery is performed differently, so it’s key to ensure your goals are understood prior to the procedure.

Rhinoplasty | APSA

Rhinoplasty in Knoxville, Tennessee

Rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly performed surgeries by Dr. Lazarus and the staff at APSA, and our team is ready to help you obtain a nose you’ll love! Schedule your consultation with Dr. Lazarus today by calling 865.588.1662, and be sure to ‘Like’ us on Facebook for regular updates! 

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