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Technically known as a mastopexy, breast lift surgery brings a desirable shape, position, and firmness back to breasts that have suffered from the many factors that cause a woman’s breasts to sag. Over the years, nature takes its toll through pregnancy, nursing, and gravity, and breasts may lose their attractive appearance and firmness.

Breast lift surgery at our Knoxville practice is performed at our in-office, AAAASF-accredited surgical suite by Dr. Stephen Lazarus, a skilled plastic surgeon with more than 35 years of experience in plastic surgery, including breast lift surgery. He performs every breast lift with the utmost care and precision after a thorough consultation with the patient to determine her needs and develop a detailed treatment plan.


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If you are interested in any of our plastic surgery or non-surgical procedures, including breast lift, please contact our state-of-the-art surgical practice today. We blend art and science to provide quality plastic surgery in a comfortable, personal environment. Dr. Stephen Lazarus and the entire staff at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Associates look forward to meeting with you.

Your Breast Lift Surgery Procedure

Breast lift surgery works by tightening the loose skin that has allowed the breasts to sag. Many patients opt for adding breast implants within 6 months of their breast lift for increased firmness and size. Breast lift surgery is generally performed under intravenous anesthesia for patient comfort. A breast lift takes approximately three hours to complete, depending on your specific needs. The necessary amount of skin is removed, and the nipple and areola are lifted into a more desirable position.

Dr. Lazarus takes great care and utilizes the finest precision possible when performing every breast lift. Our Knoxville, Tennessee, practice is equipped with a state-of-the-art surgical suite, so your breast lift will be performed in the comfort of our office. Contact Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Associates today for more information about breast lift surgery.

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Breast Lift Surgery
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