Facelift & Neck Lift Surgery in Knoxville TN

Reduce Wrinkles And Achieve A Younger Look

Turn back the hands of time with an age-defying facelift. Knoxville, Tennessee, plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Lazarus performs facelift surgery for patients all across the state and region who wish to look and feel years younger. As we age, the effects of gravity, sun damage, and other environmental and lifestyle factors begin to take a toll on our appearance. A facelift from Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Associates can reverse these negative effects and make you feel young again.

Facelift procedures have been performed for decades, and with continuing advancement in facelift technology, the procedure is safer and more effective than ever. Dr. Lazarus stays up to date on the latest techniques and employs them for every facelift surgery. In Tennessee, he is well-regarded for facelift procedures, and patients come from all over the state, and out of state, to procure his expertise and precision.

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If you are interested in any of our plastic surgery or non-surgical procedures, please contact or visit our state-of-the-art surgical practice today. We blend art and science to provide quality plastic surgery in a comfortable, personal environment. Dr. Stephen Lazarus and the entire staff at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Associates look forward to meeting with you.


Correct Deep Facial Creases, Tighten Facial Muscles And More

Facelift and neck lift surgery, also called rhytidectomy, can correct deep facial creases, slack jaw lines, folds, and fat deposits on or around the face and neck. By removing excess fat, tightening facial muscles, and re-draping the skin, a facelift literally turns back the effects of time.

The majority of patients who visit us for a facelift in Knoxville, Tennessee, are between the ages of 40 and 60. Facelift patients include both men and women who desire a younger appearance, but whose skin has retained a fair amount of elasticity.

Facelift surgery is a very personal procedure, and Dr. Lazarus will work with you on an individual basis to create a custom treatment plan. He will listen to your desires and develop a plan that best suits your needs. Dr. Lazarus looks forward to meeting you!

Facelift & Neck Lift Surgery / Rhytidectomy
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